About Me

My name is Mark Cirello, I am currently residing in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area, but was born and raised in New Jersey. After finishing up a college sports career I had the ability to really put the time into developing as an artist. The mediums used in my artwork are pencil, micron ink, water color, and acrylic paints and mediums.

Painting and drawing began as an outlet to escape the grind of a Division I wrestling season and has grown into a passion, some might say an obsession. From working fulltime in the corporate world to coaching/ training Mixed Martial Arts, art has remained the staple for keeping a balanced mind in my diverse, fast-paced lifestyle. Inspiration for my work comes from my fascination to learn about a variety of subjects that interest me. From culture to athletics and everything else in between, the challenge is to interpret my thoughts or understanding of this new information. It can be seen as a student learning a new subject and explaining it through colors and imagery. Through this process I hope to connect with people of all different nationalities, ages, and interests while maintaining a life balance and pursuing the topics I am passionate about.

-Mark Cirello

Art Shows & Competitions:

11/17/15- RAW: Washington DC presents UPRISING

9/3/16- Art Vibes & Fashion- D.C. Show

5/21/17- “Celebration of Ferdowsi”

8/7/17- “Ease Yoga Presents: Mark Cirello”

1/25/17- Palette 22 - “Artist of the Month”

3/9/18- “Landscape Exhibit”- Presented by Art League Gallery

8/25/18- “Wags & Whiskers” Village of Shirlington

9/24/28- “Clarendon Day”

1/11/19- “Signs of the Times”= Presented by Gallery Arlington

2/18/19- Palette 22 - “Artist of the Month”

**If you are interested in purchasing an original piece of artwork  as well as commissions or collaboration ideas please email me at cirelloart@gmail.com.**