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Who Is Mark Cirello?

Today, Mark continues to paint, works full time in the corporate world and coaches wrestling at a Mixed Martial Arts Gym, through which art has remained the staple for keeping a steady mind in a diverse, fast-paced lifestyle. He sees his life as a true balance between the two arts; of wrestling/MMA, which he describes as a creative dance, and of painting. He remains ever curious in studying new techniques in both arts and considers himself a student of all time, with the ultimate goal of learning enough to support himself fully through his artistic endeavors.

As he moves through life and absorbs new information, Mark hopes to interpret his thoughts and understanding of the world around him through his art as a way to connect with others. As the images flow from brain to hand to canvas, Mark puts a piece of himself in each of his creations whether it is a commissioned piece or an original. He dedicates his utmost focus to each painting to ensure whomever receives the piece, receives a piece that is of sincere meaning.


Mark’s original pieces are in the style of surreal realism, while his commissioned works tend to fall on the more realist side of this style’s spectrum, but are all striking in color and detail. His subjects range from human and animal faces and forms, creative and vibrant landscapes often including storm clouds, ocean waves and real or imagined flowers, and abstract objects or figures. The mediums used in these works of art consist of pencils, micron ink pens, oil pastels, and acrylic paints and mediums on paper, canvas, skateboards, guitar cases and various other items. 

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